Difference Between Aluminum Scrap We Buy

Posted: October 4, 2020

Hey Scrappers!

I wanted to talk to you about some of the different kinds of aluminum we buy at Rockaway Recycling, a scrap yard in New Jersey. We buy all types, shapes, and sizes of aluminum scrap, but it’s important to know the types that we purchase for recycling.

Difference Between Aluminum Scrap Types

Knowing the difference between aluminum scrap we buy, can be a big difference in price at the scale. Below is a guide of the most common aluminum types we recycle. You can also get current scrap prices for our various types of aluminum. If you have any questions, please feel free to call or contact us below and we will help you.

Sheet Aluminum

Basic aluminum ex: lawn furniture, window frames, bicycle frames window screens, also aluminum with a glue, screws, paint, some steel attached.

scrap aluminum

Prepared Aluminum

Broken down window frames, mixed siding and broken down window frames, clean aluminum with some paint on it, no steel attached or any other material.

Scrap Aluminum Prices in NJ

Cast Aluminum

Clean grill lids is the most common also many car parts are clean cast make sure there are no screws no rubber no grease must be completely clean to go under cast category.

scrap cast aluminum


Must be clean no glue on the back. trim coils, siding, down spouts, gutters, leaders, shutters.

scrap aluminum

Clean 6063/6061

Must have no paint and have to be shot with the analyzer if its not stamped.

Aluminum 6061


Printing plates out of industrial printers.

scrap aluminum litho plate

Clean AL Wire

Same concept as a #1 bare bright only aluminum, clean stripped aluminum wire.

Clean Aluminum Wire


Looks like a normal sheet / prepared aluminum the only difference is a rubber strip down the middle of the window frame. always keep these separate from your other aluminum.

aluminum thermo scrap

Dirty AL

If the AL is dirty ex: heavy steel, rubber, fabric, screws it will be downgraded by percentage.


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Difference Between Aluminum Scrap We Buy

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Difference Between Aluminum Scrap We Buy

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